Don Sibery
Bill Cumming

"...I have said it many times but you need to hear it from me, more importantly, I need to tell you. I feel so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you! To get to know you, to learn from you, to be inspired by you! Your leadership, your guidance and your concern for us at OFH is still visible today! Please know that I cherish the working relationship and the friendship we have developed. Tomorrow, when it's my turn to proclaim what it is I'm thankful for, please know you are included on my list!"

- Associate Administrator


The scope of services provided by Decisive Coaching Strategies, LLC (DCS LLC) is delivered by a team of individuals with various skills, experience and talent. Depending on the service, our clients may find themselves working with more than one member of our team. When you contact us for services, we will identify the DCS LLC team member or members who we believe is best suited to meet your needs.

All of our coaches have either a clinical degree, are certified as a coach or are currently pursuing a professional coaching certification. All of our coaching is contextual based, allowing us to work in all fields of business. The DCS LLC team includes:

Donald C. Sibery, MHA, FACHE

donphoto Don has been a CEO for the past twenty-six years and an executive for a total of thirty-nine years. He has been the CEO of two health care systems, one being in Wisconsin and the other in Illinois. He has also served as the interim CEO of an inner-city safety net hospital in Chicago and an advisor and coach to numerous CEO's and Boards of Directors, inside and outside of healthcare. Having sat in the CEO chair, Don understands and can relate first hand to the pressures and rewards of this position. In addition, he has been a recipient of coaching services for over ten years and has coached numerous individuals and teams as well. While CEO, he focused on the culture of each organization, implementing and leading several programs geared to cultural transformation: Mastery of Coaching, Transformational Leadership and Winning at Work programs. His educational training includes a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Hospital Administration from the University of Michigan. Don received a certificate for completing the Mastery of Coaching program sponsored by Expansion Technologies in May of 1994. He received a certificate for completing the advanced training program in health care negotiation and conflict resolution sponsored by the Boston University School of Public Health in April of 1995. Don has completed the “What One Person Can Do” program. Currently he is pursing certification as a professional coach.

In forming DCS LLC, he has designed a scope of services that, in his experience, focus on the very critical and key areas of any organization. In the past, he has had the opportunity to work with many talented individuals and has asked one to lend his expertise and experiences to DCS LLC. A brief profile of Bill Cumming is listed below.

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Bill Cumming

Bill is a thirty year coaching veteran, educator and creator of the “What One Person Can Do” program. “Each person has the power within themselves to create a well-balanced, joyous and productive life.” Having helped found a Ford Foundation project which became one of the pilots for Upward Bound in 1964, his work has focused on creating inspired environments where individuals can take responsibility for their lives and the organizations for which they work.

While Corporate Responsibility Officer for what is now Key Bank, Bill designed Trustee Effectiveness Training, a series of workshops that allow individuals and Boards to understand their roles in for-profit, public and non-profit organizations. The “What One Person Can Do” program is integral to the Department of Labor’s New Horizons Academy and applications including the Job Corps and Houston Works. Bill received his undergraduate degree from Kenyon College, has taken graduate level courses at the University of Maine with a focus on educational psychology and was adjunct faculty at the University of Maine, College of Education from 1979-1993.

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